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What is JuJitsu?

Most of Japans martial arts, or Budo, Have histories extending hundreds of years. Yabusame, or Archery on Horseback, can be traced to the seventh century. With the rise of the warrior clans in the late twelfth century, the Bushi or Samurai (members of the warrior class) trained in such disciplines as Kenjutsu (sword art), Iaijutsu (sword drawing art), JuJutsu (unarmed combat), Kyujutsu (Japanese Archery), Sojutso (Spear art), Bajutsu (horsemanship) and Suijutsu (Swimming). These gradually became standardized into styles or schools, which continued even after the countries feudal domains where pacified during the Edo period (1600-1868).
Reference, Iai-Do Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spiritual Training by Teruhisa Nanno.

So as stated above JuJutsu was an empty hand fighting style and is the art responsible for the development of Judo, which means (the gentle way). Today’s modern JuJitsu encompasses weapons as well as empty hand techniques and is a very demanding Art that requires a certain level of commitment to achieve the best results. It is energetic and a certain level of fitness is a must, but the rewards are worth the effort in our opinion.

We use our classes and training environment as an opportunity to encourage a feeling of self-worth in our members and also to promote manners and respect for not only our fellow students but on into their general lives also.

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