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What is Iaido?

Iaido is the contemporary art of drawing the long sword (Katana). Iaido contrasts with Kenjutsu (combative swordsmanship with a drawn sword) and Kendo (the Japanese art of Fencing) both of which focus on the sword being drawn ready for combat. Basic Iaido combines drawing the sword with either a defensive block or cut, followed by either another cut or several cuts, followed by chiburi (the removing of blood) and finally Notoh.
Ref, Iai-Do Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spiritual Training by Teruhisa Nanno.

So Iaido combines these fundamental four movements, the Draw, cut, Chiburi and Notoh. The discipline involved in achieving good Iaido is personal and can be as demanding as any art, but its mastery lies in self-discipline.

Our particular Ryu (School) of Iaido is Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (MJER) our instructors have been tutored in Japan by our Technical advisor and Sensei Teruhisa Nanno, Menkyo Kaiden, 8th Dan of the Guneikan Dojo in Kozoji.

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