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Welcome to Ydachi Schools.

Ydachi schools were founded by Mr Paul Chadburn in 1999, and he started training in Martial arts in 1990. He has trained with many instructors and gathered his own knowledge whilst travelling to Japan yearly to study with his Sensei and other Instructors.

At Ydachi Schools we teach traditional JuJitsu along with the self-discipline and spiritual training that accompanies the Art. We use it as a medium to make the classes both informative and fun, whilst building a spirit of camaraderie. This builds character and teaches us how to treat others and earn respect whilst also giving that respect, not only to fellow students, Parents and families but people in general.

Also there are classes in the Ancient Japanese art of Iaido. We do not accept students under the age of 16 as Iaido requires the use of an Iaito (imitation Sword). Whilst not being as energetic as Ju Jutsu it is never the less demanding and for all forms to be learned a degree of general movement is required.

We also teach CV classes and have a full jujit boxing syllabus and ladies self-defence syllabus. So as you can see we can cater for all genres and there is something in all curriculums for everyone to enjoy. Now although you may not be as able bodied as you would like, we could accommodate with private classes for your group.

Please also note that Ydachi Schools only accept students by invitation. So if you think that we may be what you are looking for then please email first, as just turning up you may be refused entry.