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The Club at Darwen is situated in the east Lancashire part of the North West of the UK and is the main headquarters for Ju Jitsu and it is also where we have a dedicated and fully equipped Gym area for cardio work outs as well as for weight training sessions. There are punch bags and a large permanent matted area along with a large varnished floor for Iaido and pad sessions. We also offer personal training on a one to one basis for Iaido and Cardio workouts, but if you wish to learn Ju Jitsu or self-defence then you must come with a partner who is as keen as yourself, as this type of class requires two people as well as the instructor.

There is a reception area for parents to drop of their children with facilities for a coffee or tea if you choose to wait. The club has a warm friendly atmosphere and mums regularly sit and chat on the Monday and Wednesday children’s class. Training is by invitation only and unfortunately paying per night is not available at Darwen, all members are enrolled on a subscription basis, with no hidden extras for grades, badges, renewals or belts. Because it is the main headquarters it is open for training 5 nights a week with dedicated classes and times that will never fluctuate.

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